The guy had duct taped part of the air conditioning unit

Sometimes as a heating and air conditioning professional, you see some interesting things. I don’t really care about what people’s homes look like, but there are some places that stick out. One person had literal mounds of boxes, plastic bags and old wrappers piled up in their living room. The guy just told me to step over all of it. The boxes and everything was literally up to the ceiling. I have also seen places that were incredibly luxurious as well, with spiral staircases and columns. Anyways, I had an interesting experience not that long ago. A guy ordered a part for the air conditioning system. He had previously had another one of our A/C technicians look at his heater and tell him the part he needed. He successfully found and bought the right part, but he made the mistake when he tried to replace it himself. The guy called and complained a day or so later and was saying that the new part didn’t do anything for his furnace system. So I went out to look at what the problem was, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The guy literally duct taped the HVAC part to the heating system. I had to carefully explain to him that you had to put the new part inside of the heating device, not on the outside. After I replaced the part for him, his HVAC unit went back to working as it should and I was able to go to my next heating and A/C appointment. Sometimes people just baffle me.