We had to leave the diner early

Sometimes in the spur of the moment, my husband and I like to do fun things.

My husband and I were both bored on Saturday afternoon, and my husband said that we should try that new diner that’s near us.

I wanted to go to that diner myself, so I was very excited to go. We drove down to the diner and found a seat. The waiter was taking their sweet time, which was a little annoying, but it gave us more time to look at the menu. Their menu looked amazing! It had such a wide variety of food, I knew I was going to have a hard time picking. However, I couldn’t help but notice the diner was really warm. I had first noticed this when we came into the diner, but I had ignored it. The feeling of being overheated did not go away though. I asked my husband and he thought the same thing, it was definitely too warm in here. The longer we stayed the worse it became. My husband and I ended up only ordering an appetizer and then leaving. Leaving early was a huge let down, but neither of us wanted to deal with the rising heat. We ended up just getting fast food and heading home. Once we were both home, we ate our food in the air conditioning. Unlike the diner, the A/C in our place was amazing. Eventually if they ever get their air conditioning fixed, we might try the diner again. But without proper heating and cooling, it is too uncomfortable.

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