Huge Deluge Last Night When I was Out

I was hanging with our friends on the beach last evening watching the lightning in the sky as this pressing dark gray cloud slowly came our way. The people I was with and I ended up going to a eating establishment for a couple hours & eating & drinking. I went home after that, & I am lucky I did because about 15 hours after I got home it started to pour. The rain didn’t let up for hours & the streets were flooded appreciate rivers with nowhere to go to keep dry. I believe our friends must have got caught in the downpour. The local business where they went after the two of us ate was only open for another hour after they went there so that means they had to walk home in the pouring rain along those flooded streets. I am toiling today for this Heating plus A/C unit store doing smart thermostat programming & answering the PC. I believe I slept about more than six hours last evening & I am feeling pretty fantastic today. My life has gone through some heavy twists & turns the past couple years however I believe I am finally heading towards the daylight once again. I will labor for the heating corp this Winter doing heat pump repairs & inventory in the store, which is unbelievable because I could use a little more currency while I was in the Winter as our roommate is going to be moving out soon. I will try to do a lot of heating repairs this Winter so I can save up some currency for next year when I do some traveling.

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