Keeping Cool with My Quality Heating as well as A/C System

I entirely want to play some beach ball this week but my knees are telling myself and others otherwise.

I guess I could always do some warm up exercises with my volleyball partner so that I don’t overexert my knees too much.

I just need them to heal a few more afternoons and they will be good to go again. I also need to go to the local corporation later and get some Icy Hot for the pain. A lot of times the best solution to pain in the body is rest, something that I seem to find legitimately hard to do. I have a concern with being patient and good for some reason, even though my Heating as well as A/C rep dad told myself and others a thoUSAnd times “you gotta learn to relax Davo”. I know my impatience comes from feeling like something is missing in my life but not knowing what it is. That alone can give you anxiety and maybe I just need to get older to understand that nothing is missing in my life. I always assume like I need to be somewhere other than where I am. Do you assume like this at all or is it just me? I work at the heating and cooling corp and always am looking at the clock to see how much longer till I can go home. When I get apartment I am thinking I should be outside doing something with my friends. I guess I’ll take this distraught energy and clean my ductwork later this week to at least do something productive. Nothing is missing in my life, when will I get this?

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