A Million Dollars Buys a Nice HVAC System

What would you do if you won a million dollars? Would you quit your job? Would you buy a immense beach house plus an luxurious car? A lot of people particularly want to win that money although I don’t think if they would think what to do with it all plus if they would be any happier.

I recognize exciting is the best way to describe winning a million bucks, I don’t recognize it would ultimately make you happier unless maybe you were residing below your comfort level plus working at a job you didn’t like.

I’d still be an HVAC tech if I won a million plus would keep working section time like I am doing now. I’ve already owned a nice beach house plus a Lamborghini Diablo twenty years ago plus it didn’t make myself and others any happier, in fact, the happiest I felt was the morning I got the motorcar plus after that it turned into pride plus ego. I would keep working at the local business plus residing just how I am residing now. There particularly isn’t anything I would do differently except maybe supply a bit more money away to those in need. I like working at the HVAC business plus if I just quit plus didn’t work I recognize I would recognize kind of empty plus unhappy because of not having a purpose or being productive. I’ve already traveled all over the world so traveling more is out of the question. Besides, I don’t like spending my time in ice freezing airports under a immense air conditioning system vent.

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