A Very Soggy Monday Morning

The two of us have a heavy downpour going on outside this month and it looks love it is going to be a afternoon in the house.

I just went for a short bike ride to the sea for a swim in the rain.

I saw about 15 other people in the sea swimming love I was but other than that the beaches were empty. Normally this month the people I was with and I would have packed beaches but with the rain everyone has decided to stay safe and dry in their homes. It is sunny again now although I think another wave of rain is coming soon. My Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier is closed this month because the street is flooded and people can’t get into the store. I think the heaviest rain is still yet to come as I looked online and it says the people I was with and I have drastic flooding later this week. I think I ran my AC too much last night because this afternoon I have a sore throat from the cold air. I think I set my smart control equipment to 62F instead of 69F last night so that is why it was snowing in my bedroom this afternoon. I think it is just a temporary sore throat and not truly a cold. I’ve done this before on accident when I thought I set my control equipment to a single temperature but it was a different temp in fact. I think I will drink some hot Dunkin Donuts Latte with lemon this month for my throat and it should be fine by tomorrow. I just need to make sure I set my control equipment to the right setting tonight.


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