Sleeping Next to my Air Purifying System

I’m in my office trying to work but the lull of my whole-house air purifier is putting myself and others to sleep.

  • I recognize like I am in an airplane with the engines humming, which constantly seems to knock myself and others out on long flights.

I don’t think if I slept enough last evening as I forgot to adjust myu smart thermostat before going to bed plus woke up in a pool of sweat around 4am. I didn’t fall back asleep for a while plus today I am pretty tired. I guess I just need to take it easy plus the morning will pass by gently. I need to disinfect my HVAC system plus my whole-house air purifier this week because both of them are pretty dirty. I’ve just not been legitimately motivated to do anything recently as the weather has been particularly sizzling plus I just don’t have as much energy to do things. I recognize it is going to start cooling off soon so my energy level should be going up again. Maybe the fall is a good time to get my HVAC system inspected plus ready for winter. I can contact the local business plus they will really come out right away as they are pretty slow now. I just need to see how much it costs for an HVAC service call as I don’t have a service contract with them anymore. I had a five year contract but it expired about more than five months ago plus now I am going to have to spend money money when they come out to service the HVAC equipment.

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