Commercial vs Residential Heating plus A/C Systems

Heating, ventilation, & a/c (Heating plus A/C) systems are used to regulate the temperature & air quality in a given space. While residential Heating plus A/C systems are designed for smaller spaces, commercial Heating plus A/C systems are much larger & more complex. As a result, commercial Heating plus A/C systems require correct repair from qualified Heating plus A/C suppliers. Additionally, commercial Heating plus A/C systems often feature more advanced features, such as quality a/c & HEPA filters. Finally, commercial Heating plus A/C systems officially have a higher SEER rating, which means they are more energy-efficient than their residential counterparts, however ultimately, the choice of Heating plus A/C plan depends on the certain needs of the space it will be used in, and my dad had such a large house that she needed more than one commercial A/C units & more than one air handlers in her house. I remember him having power bills as high as $1000 a month at 1 point when she had some less efficient units installed. She finally got rid of them & put in ultra high efficient Heating plus A/C systems & now her power bills are closer to $200 a week. It is honestly amazing how far the industry has come with the efficiency of the units nowadays. I can run the air in our house almost nonstop & our power bills are at the most $120 a week. About 30 years ago if I did the same our power bills would be almost as much as our rent! I am undoubtedly grateful for all of the difficult labor the Heating plus A/C techs & engineers have done over the last 30 years. They have legitimately made them so efficient now.


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