Time to Cut Back on Cat Food

I know I’m feeding my cats too much food as they seem to be getting too heavy too suddenly, so now I am going to stop feeding them moist food in the afternoon. They entirely like the moist food in a can but I know they are just eating too much each afternoon so I am going to chop out the canned food and just stick with the boring dry food. If I keep feeding them canned food I know I will have 2 fat cats on my hands within a year. I need to clean my media media air cleaner this week because I noticed it is riddled with dust and animal hair which is causing myself and others to sneeze a lot more than I normally do. I want to rent out my main study room so I am going to need to do a good cleaning before showing the room. I may have this Heating as well as A/C tech come look at the room because she is looking for a room and the people I was with and I have worked together for years and get along well. She told myself and others that she prefers cats so it shouldn’t be a concern as I have 2 cats. They are legitimately clean and quiet, except for at night when they go deranged before I go to bed, so residing with them is pretty easy and fun I must add. The Heating as well as A/C tech told myself and others she can get us some deals on HEPA filters, which is great because I’ve been using the normal filters and would like to have a good HEPA filter instead. It all works out a single way or another.


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