A Day in the Sun for Reflection

I can truthfully say that I have never gone through so much loss in such a short amount of time in my 55 years on this planet. In the past more than one years I’ve lost; more than one besties, my dad, $110K savings, my health, and my mind. Losing my mind came from losing all of the other things and I am trying to accept the losses and transport on, which is proving to be quite difficult. I know there is a lesson to all of this loss although I am too far in it to see the lesson. My job at the heating supplier is the only stable thing in my life lately. If I didn’t have this job I would actually be a single of those bums sleeping next to a building. Repairing and cleaning Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems takes my mind off all of these losses but when I get apartment they return again. The a single bestie I lost was the best connection I’ve ever had with someone and that hurt me the most, even more than my poor dad dying. I know working on air conditioners and oil heating systems each afternoon is my lifeline and I need to go and thank my boss for keeping me when I was crying at labor over my losses. I was literally answering the iphone with tears in my eyeah trying to keep calm and help buyers with Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment problems and questions. I know you can’t see tears on a iphone but they actually could hear it in my voice. I’ll be okay and sorry for dumping this on you this week. Love and luck to you all.


a/c workman