Air Conditioning Repair Service is in Order

I just contacted the Heating as well as A/C corporation and set up an repair appointment to get my A/C fixed.

  • I’m not sure what happened but it just stopped working last night and now my home is about 87F.

It’s amazing how suddenly the home heats up once the A/C stops working. I know last night I had my control component set to 76F, which was the temp this afternoon when I got up, but then about multiple minutes later it already heated up almost 20 degrees. I know it was from the sun coming into the residing room and heating the floors up. I didn’t know about closing the drapes till it was too late and the home was already heated up. I hope the Heating as well as A/C tech can repair it this week or I don’t guess how I will sleep tonight. I bet my study room will be 90F tonight if the A/C isn’t working. Maybe I will have to rent a hotel room for the night but I don’t even guess if they have any rooms available as it is the peak season of Summer right now. If my Heating as well as A/C method broke down a month from now then getting a hotel room wouldn’t be a concern as everyone leaves the neighborhood in the beginning of November. I know university starts on the 5th of the month and people have to get back to their lives before then. We are a holiday spot for tourists in the Summer so this place is packed all Summer which is great for all of the local businesses.

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