Big Day at the Cooling plus Heating Provider

I have to make a little trip to the heating plus cooling store to get a HEPA filter.

That is basically the agenda for the morning.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my beach house guest so that they can buy myself and others food, which is what we agreed on for rent while they stay here for 3 weeks. It’s nice not having to buy food for 3 weeks because it saves myself and others a bunch of money this lean month. I’m a bit low on money so I am renting out my second family room each month till I get some extra income from the HVAC business where I work section time. They told myself and others that in a couple of months they can put myself and others on full time plus then I will be set with all of my expenses. I recently got a current a/c from the local business so I don’t have to worry about any major expenses for a while now. Everything else in my flat is current so I won’t have to put out any money for major repairs or purchases for some time. I just need to get a flatmate so I can trim down on my weekly bills. I did have a immense buffer in the bank until a few months ago when the market crashed, so now I need to let that money sit plus hopefully get back most of what I lost. At least I have a good residential HVAC system to keep myself and others comfortable. That is pretty much all I need in life; a nice comfortable place to live.
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