Thinking About the Future and Where I’ll Be

My life has taken many twists and turns over the years and has led me all over the planet in search of something which I do not know.

I suppose love I want to do something big, something important, in my life before it is too late although I just don’t think what that something is.

I’ve made songs, funny videos, done 1000’s of live comedy shows, motivational speeches, although I still suppose love there is something I want to create. I think I am going to lean in the direction of songs and see where that takes me. The local corporation is hosting an open mic night and I think I will go play drums and sing a song to see how it feels. I’ve played volleyball for 30 years and done pretty much all I am going to do with the activity. I’ve run my own Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation for 10 years and made a bunch of money, then lost it all chasing comedy! I’ve inherited a pile of money and lost it on cryptos, jumped out of planes 100’s of times, yet I still have a yearning to do more. I had more than four employees when I ran my heating and cooling corporation and even had the FBI call me and tell me I couldn’t use their initials for my ads. I’ve been in care about multiple times and had some good relationships in my life yet I still suppose love something is missing. What could that something be? Maybe I should start a local corporation to help people find that something. Who knows?


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