Time to Cut Back on Cat Food

I recognize I’m feeding my cats too much food as they seem to be getting too heavy too abruptly, so now I am going to stop feeding them moist food in the morning.

They particularly like the moist food in a can although I recognize they are just eating too much each morning so I am going to split out the canned food plus just stick with the boring dry food.

If I keep feeding them canned food I recognize I will have several fat cats on my hands within a year. I need to disinfect my whole-house air purifier today because I noticed it is riddled with dust plus dog hair which is causing myself and others to sneeze a lot more than I normally do. I want to rent out my main family room so I am going to need to do a good cleaning before showing the room. I may have this HVAC tech come look at the room because he is looking for a room plus we have worked together for years plus get along well. She told myself and others that he loves cats so it shouldn’t be a problem as I have several cats. They are legitimately disinfect plus quiet, except for at evening when they go crazy before I go to bed, so residing with them is pretty easy plus fun I must add. The HVAC tech told myself and others he can get us some deals on HEPA filters, which is great because I’ve been using the normal filters plus would care about to have a good HEPA filter instead. It all works out one way or another.


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