It Almost Feels Like Fall is Here Already

I went for a swim this morning and felt a chill in the air that I haven’t felt since the spring.

I think summer is starting to wind down and the weather is slowly starting to shift to the cooler side.

The temps drop really fast once summer is gone, sometimes even before summer is over, and I just want to appreciate the warm weather while we still have it. I think we have about one month of warm weather left and then the temps are going to drop quite fast. I’ll enjoy these next 30 days immensely. My furnace needs to be tuned up before winter comes but I think I will have until November before needing to run it. Sometimes it isn’t really cold here till early December so I will have some time to get the heater tune up done. I can save a little money before then so that it doesn’t hit me so hard that month. I will keep doing my sea swims all year round and can’t wait till the water gets really cold as it helps me a lot with my mood and energy taking those cold dips each morning. The water starts cooling down soon and it will be cold within a month or so after that. I even take my cold sea dips when the temps are below freezing out. I use my space heater and a hot bath to warm me up when I come home from my dips. It really charges me up taking those dips and makes me feel so alive.

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