Thank the Universe for Rainy Days

My knees have been really hurting from all of the deep jumps I’ve been doing in the sand for our volleyball matches.

I’ve been working on jumping higher and squatting way down before jumping is the best way to achieve that. Unfortunately, my knees don’t like all of the stress from it and I now have jumpers knees where my patellar tendon is inflamed and painful. I just need to rest them for a few days and it will subside, and the rainy day today is helping me do just that. My HVAC specialist friend told me that just three or four days off of playing will heal my knees very well. So today is day two of not playing and I just need to make it through tomorrow without playing and I will be better. The local business sells a pain relieving gel and I am going to go there today to get some. My knees are feeling a bit better today though so the rest is for sure helping them recover. I am going to the heating business today to see if they sell any space heaters because I need one and want to get it before the cold season comes. They usually run out of them when we get the first cold snap so I want to rush and get one now so I will be nice and warm in my office when winter comes. I have a central heating unit but I would rather use a small radiant heater to heat my office each day. Seasons keep on coming at us.


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