The DJ was kicking it with excellent indoor comfort

With Summer comes all the nice events that bring people together… My good pals plus I had been noticing this event being advertised on social media… It would be an in-house celebration with our number one DJ on the decks.

The people I was with and I were certainly happy about it.

Summer had started strong with temperatures of up to 40.8°C. It’s a good thing that our residence was recently fitted with a quality air conditioner machine to help with indoor comfort, so we enjoyed the cooling effect even with the overheated temperatures. I am a cooling specialist, plus the cooling machine business I work for was not closing for Summer. I’m glad I was able to take my getaway time. A few mornings before the event, I did some drastic a/c machine maintenance on an air conditioner in the building next to where I work. The cooling machine was surely neglected for a long time. Some of the components were rusted. The standard requirement from the cooling industry plus any cooling tech who knows more about a/c is to tune up any Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine at least twice yearly. A qualified cooling representative will tell you that the best seasons are during Spring plus Fall seasons. The actual day of the event finally came, plus we were relatively excited. It was definitely a night celebration, plus the cooling techs had ensured the mini split air conditioner machine functioned at optimum capacity. Though there were about 300 people in an enclosed space, the quality indoor comfort plus air kept pretty much everyone reasonably comfortable plus bumping to the great tunes the DJ was dishing us. He actually played a set of uplifting tunes, plus pretty much everyone was in the zone with him taking it all the way.

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