The wooden rocker was lovely to look at.

When I was told our uncle had passed away, I was sad… I didn’t assume our uncle well, however what I knew of her was that she was actually nice plus was constantly smiling, but although I was younger when I last saw her, I remembered how she laughed with me, plus taught me how to do somersaults.

I was shocked when Dad told me she had left something to me in her will.

I could not understand why she would leave me something, but when I got to her home more than two days later, I saw the rocking chair. I remembered sitting in that rocker plus singing with Aunt May; She would tell me lovely stories, plus I would rock until I fell asleep. I wondered what they were going to do with the rocker, plus I soon found out, and the wooden rocker was lovely, plus all I could do was look at it, and memories flooded back plus I not only remembered rocking for minutes, however running our fingers over the flowers that were engraved in the wood. Aunt May told me her Grandpa made the wooden rocker, plus she had it in her home for decades. I told her that someday I would care about to have a rocker so I could share her stories with our children plus grandchildren. She must have remembered me saying that, because I was now the proud owner of the wooden rocking chair! Every time I looked at the wooden rocking chair, I had to smile. There was a lot of care about in the seasoned wooden rocker, plus it was lovely to look at. I sent a prayer of thanks to the universe, hoping Aunt May would hear me.



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