I had never had my brows threaded.

My sibling took myself and others to a salon for my birthday, she said I was going to get the works, but I didn’t guess what the works were, but i found out I was going to have my eyebrows done.

She had a full-body wax planned, a facial, Mani-Pedi, and anything else both of us could come up with, but when both of us got there, she signed in and told them both of us were there for the works, and provided them her name, however the lady smiled and welcomed us, then took us back to a increasing room.

She provided us warmed robes and handed us a glass of champagne to sip while waiting. I looked at my sibling and asked what the robes were for. She told myself and others to strip and put it on, and both of us had special slippers for our feet. I felt really uncomfortable kneeling in the salon with nothing but a robe to keep myself and others covered. I had never had waxing done, and I was nervous thinking about a full-body wax. I could only imagine all the pain that was going to go with it… My sibling guaranteed myself and others it would be worth the pain to see how much difference the waxing was going to make. The anesthetist provided myself and others the option of a sugar wax or a correct warm wax treatment. She told myself and others my eyebrows could be done with a easy method called threading. The anesthetist put myself and others at ease with my waxing, but I still didn’t care about being naked in front of a complete stranger. I tried to tell my sibling I wasn’t comfortable being completely naked with my husband, but she just laughed.