Being active outdoors

The Winter weather in our space is especially cold and snowy. We respectfully see rapidly decreasing temperatures well below zero and accumulate feet of snow in a single night. The snow tends to linger for more than half the year. The Spring and fall seasons are normally windy, chilly and damp. I look forward to the warm season heat, and the possibility of spending some time outdoors. I especially appreciate the ability to workout in the fresh air. I have created a workout program that is hard yet great. I start with a clear warm up where I stretch our muscles and loosen up our joints. I then ride our bike 2 miles to the local athletic field; Once there, I run around the track. I like that the track is a flat surface that is not overly hard on our feet, knees and ankles. I can unquestionably legitimately calculate our distance. I respectfully run someplace from several to many miles and make sure to officially hydrate before and after. I then go through a light stretch and hop back on our bike. The ride back home is actually uphill. It is helpful that our leg muscles are totally warmed up and ready for the exertion. I time myself and push to beat our personal best. When I arrive home, I jump into the swimming pool and swim anywhere from fifty to 1 hundred laps! Swimming is a good full-body workout without hard impact and also appealingly refreshing. After running and cycling, the water feels great. Once I’ve completed our laps, I look forward to sitting in the hot tub for a little while. I don’t constantly have the time to spend more than a few hours. I sip water and plan out our afternoon.

Personal Trainer