He got me a fitness gift!

For New Years last year, my husband gave me a stationary bike. It was the perfect gift and extremely nice of him. I workout everyday but have constantly had unquestionably limited equipment. Because I was unwilling to invest in expensive exercise machines, I was restricted to a jump rope, weighted ball, a few hand weights and a yoga mat. The exercise sessions sporadically became repetitive and boring. Whenever I can, I go for a run outside. However, our warm seasons are brutally tepid and humid. The Winters are long, snowy and bring rapidly decreasing temperatures below freezing. In-between, every one of us often deal with high winds, sleet and rain. I am stuck inside for our training sessions for most of the year. The bike is so quiet that I can workout at any time of the afternoon or night without spine-chilling anyone. This is especially helpful because I like to workout early in the afternoon before the rest of the family gets up. I like to listen to music and learn on our iPad while I cycle. The bike shows a touchscreen and provides a variety of weird workouts. I can customize the workout to unique goals such as calories burned, distance and duration. It is unquestionably simple to increase the difficulty of the workout by adding resistance or pedaling faster. The seat is super comfortable and I have a spot to put our water bottle. The workout is so great that I sporadically worry that I’m not working hard enough. But, I constantly manage to get sweaty. When I step off the bike, I can guess the exertion in our legs.

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