The app works wonders

Running is 1 of our number one kinds of workouts, I like the possibility to clear our mind and settle into the repetitive motion.

I respectfully use running for exercise two or three times per week, then although I switch up the route I take, the workout can get a bit monotonous.

I found that I was getting slightly lazy. I wasn’t running as far or as long. I needed some way to get motivated to push myself. I mentioned our concerns to our sibling, who then recommended a free running app. After downloading the app onto our phone, I was prompted to supply information about myself. I supplied our age, weight, height and gender… Now, I use the app every time I run. I can still listen to my music. The app simply cuts in at regular intervals to supply the distance I’ve covered and our pace. It lets me know if I’m on track to beat our personal best, then hearing this stuff encourages me to run faster and longer. I like that the app keeps track of how often I run, the distance I cover and our pace. It calculates calories burned and has l gained the routes that I favor. It’s a really great fitness tool… Because of the running app, I am getting more benefits from our efforts. Downloading the free running app has inspired me to search for more opportunities. I found a jump rope app that I really like and am checking out apps for weight lifting and biking. There are all sorts of opportunities to take our workouts to the next degree.

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