My first job as a technician with the best HVAC brand of all time

When I graduated from college, I thought I would immediately get a job, but the pandemic interrupted everything causing me to stay jobless for almost a year.

However, throughout that year, I still sent applications to various companies.

To further strengthen my resume, I joined a group of freelance HVAC professionals and would help them when they went out for jobs such as HVAC installations. This was a smart move because it helped me build up my skills as an HVAC repairman. I learned about new inventions from the different HVAC businesses through these jobs. For instance, while working these jobs, I learned about the new thermostats that could be programmed to the owner’s satisfaction. I finally heard back from one of the companies, the best HVAC brands of all time, in my opinion. I could not hold my excitement. I called my parents and we all celebrated. The company had requested I come in for an interview about quality HVAC systems, and I absolutely aced it. The manager said he was impressed with my zeal to follow and focus on my dreams, which was admirable. I started work the following month, and the exposure to new HVAC technology was insane. I got to work on new HVAC equipment on a large scale, but not until I went through the required apprentice program. I got to work with highly skilled HVAC providers and learned a lot about HVAC units. Though I had a rough year, the universe rewarded me with a job at my dream company. My first job was to do an HVAC installation at a hospital to help with indoor comfort. Though the job was hectic, I received guidance from the HVAC supervisor and took the customer through the important HVAC maintenance steps.
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