Putting a new HVAC system in the dog shelter

One night after a hectic day at the heating and A/C business, I received an actual SMS from the manager of a dog shelter in town, then it was a long SMS explaining how some pets died from extreme heat and awful indoor comfort! The strong ones were ok, while the weak ones were severely affected… And since it was a voluntary dog shelter, they gained funding from well-wishers however had not gained funding because the world was going through a recession from the pandemic.

The manager commanded our assistance with an hour-hand heating and A/C unit to help with indoor comfort.

I enjoy pets, and this request touched my heart. I asked for a meeting with my head heating and A/C professional so both of us could find a way to offer our assistance as best as both of us could. The meeting the next day bore fruit; every one of us was able to come up with a way to supply new heating and A/C units to the shelter without affecting our supplier operation. Since both of us had decided to help, both of us opted to give only the best, so both of us had the heating and A/C plan with the new heating and A/C technology. This included a heat pump and a smart control unit. Every one of us chose the highest quality heating and A/C brand to supply only the best to the lovely dogs. The heating and A/C repairmen did the heating and A/C replacement within a day and had a scarce time playing with the puppies when they were done fitting the unit. The heating and A/C provider also took the dog shelter’s manager through the essential heating and A/C repair of the quality heating and A/C system. It was a successful project. When I finally received an SMS upgrade a few weeks later from the manager, I felt entirely too proud, then according to the manager, the number of dogs dying from the heat had reduced to none, which was our initial goal for sure.



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