He said that word of mouth wasn’t enough anymore.

When I first called the marketing company, I knew my old way of advertising wasn’t working.

I had figured out that flyers on car windows and word-of-mouth would not help me grow my business.

I needed help that would pull me into the present and help me into the future. The person I spoke to at the marketing company told me that word-of-mouth is good in a small community, but it isn’t enough when you have a lot of competition. He convinced me that if I wanted my HVAC company to continue growing; I had to reach more people and give them options that made them choose my HVAC company. It was hard for me to wrap my head around using the computer for my advertising. I grew up in an era where you put flyers on car windows. You had your face on the shopping carts in the local grocery store. You did an advertisement on television. The television ad is acceptable now, but you needed something more. People were using computers for the television, their telephones and for entertainment of all kinds. He suggested I try social media advertising. It took little to convince me, because I had tried many things and heard this idea from many people. I told him I needed a new website, and he offered to create the website for my HVAC company. I was concerned over the cost, but his services more than paid for itself. Within six months, I needed to add an extra service van and hired another HVAC technician to my team.

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