Waiting for my new car

I was in the car dealership waiting for my new car to be ready and it took a while.

There was lots of paperwork that needed to get together, etc.

As a result I was stuck sitting in the business office there for over an hour. It was a very hot day outside. However, I did not mind actually sitting there and was enjoying it because they had really great quality central air conditioning in there! I had not felt such great air conditioning in a while. It was even better than the central air conditioning I have in my home. So believe me, I had no problem waiting. When all was said and done I nearly did not want to leave because I was enjoying the top quality air conditioning system that they had so much. It made me wonder if their central heating was just as great in the winter time months of the year. I would assume it would be because it would be the same exact central heating and air conditioning system unit pumping out the heating the same way it did the air conditioning. And speaking of quality heating and air conditioning, I had the best possible heat and a/c system for a car put into my new vehicle. I paid extra for this, but I am the type of person that needs to be around quality heating and air conditioning all the time. Especially when I am driving. If I do not have quality heating and air conditioning while I am driving I would not be able to go on long drives anywhere because I need good temperatures.

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