A dual fuel system for the new additions

It had always been my wife and me.

Things changed three years ago when the doctor confirmed that we were expecting triplets.

We knew some years back that we would not be able to have children due to various health complications. It only became real when her belly started growing. After it all sank in, I next brought in a contractor to find out how we would add more rooms and bathrooms. Instead of separate rooms, the contractor suggested a big enough room for three to have their own space. We also needed to add two bathrooms. The next thing was the type of heating equipment to install for quality heating in the new additions. Even though our electric furnace was unique, we were still determining if it would serve two extra bedrooms and bathrooms. The heating business we contacted sent an HVAC professional to our home, and we explained what we wanted. The heating contractor suggested a dual fuel system, and when she explained what it was all about and how it worked, we loved it. By the time my wife was two weeks due, we were done with all the construction and installations by the HVAC supplier. With the new upgrade, the new rooms could use the same heating device, and the new bathrooms had heated floors. We usually contact the homeowner solutions for furnace/heater tune-up once a year or for two years. It would have to change because we would need the HVAC technician to do a heat pump service twice a year to maintain indoor comfort. That would be an easy task since the techs were a call away.


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