Bonding time during heating device service

When we were growing up, our home had an electric furnace, and my father actively took care of it by changing the filter and cleaning the parts we could since we did it together.

We, however, left the furnace/heater tune-up for the HVAC professional.

It was our bonding time when he was not busy with work. I loved every minute of it. He would ask about school and everything else in my life. I knew most of the heating technicians at the local homeowner solutions that we contacted. I finally moved out and was living on my own. I continued with our routine, and I had been doing it long enough with my father that even now that we are not living in the same house, I can do it on my own. However, I minimized the DIY fixes I did on my heating device and called the HVAC technician in case something was wrong with maintaining quality heating. My parents had long upgraded to a dual-fuel system. One Saturday afternoon, I embarked on my usual HVAC care. I then cleaned and changed the air filters because they were due. I cleaned the unit’s coil and condenser. All this is to prevent my system from having any issues before it was time to have a heating contractor do the biannual heat pump service. A specific heating business called for all my heating equipment and services. My reason for always reaching out to the same HVAC supplier was to create a close professional relationship and because they were good at what they do.
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