Chocolate Makes the World a Better Place for All

Well maybe it’s not for all, but chocolate does seem to pave the way to a better day when I’m down in the dumps.

I like to eat dark chocolate, that is sweetened with maltitol, and mix it with peanuts to give it that Snickers candy bar taste without all of the sugar.

The HVAC worker got me hooked on this duo a few years ago and I’ve been eating it ever since. I usually eat it in the morning with my coffee when I wake up. I don’t put any kind of sugar or sweetener in my coffee as the chocolate is sweet enough. Today I will work at the heating and cooling suppliers shop for a few hours and then go to the beach to train my friend. He is trying to get into shape so that when his lady comes back he will look good for her. I have my hands full with him though because he does HVAC equipment sales online and sits most of the day. He also eats a lot of pizza and junk food so I also need to get him to change his diet for the better or all of this working out will be in vain. Today I will go to the job to check out the new HVAC technology we just got in so that I can be familiar with it when someone asks about it. Other than that I will just chill out later on the coast with some friends and get some much needed sunshine and fresh air. I also am going to clean my HEPA filter this evening.

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