Listening to the glory days of my dad in his heating business

Thanksgiving holiday is one of my favorite holidays of all time.

  • I enjoy it because I always get to see my family.

We all live in different states but see each other during Thanksgiving. It has been a routine since history to go back home for Thanksgiving. We play games in my parents’ yard and enjoy each other’s company at the dinner table. Dad loves telling stories of his heyday. He enjoyed his time working at his heating business. He was a successful HVAC professional who started a business in the homeowner solution association. When he retired, he sold the company some years ago, but he still remembers how fun and inspiring it was. I usually meet some of his ex-students, who tell me how good a businessman my dad was. His glory days include being involved in manufacturing and producing some of the best heating devices in the market. Dad says that one of his favorite heating equipment is the dual-fuel system. The reason is its efficiency and innovativeness. He once went out on a furnace/heater tune-up job with his team of heating contractors at the white house. This was an experience he will never forget because he even has photos. The electric furnace was broken, and since the president had heard of the great things dad and his company were doing, he commissioned them for the job. He was also vending great heating products from multiple HVAC supplier stores within his service business. While on the heat pump service job at the white house, he met the then-president, who thanked him for providing quality heating and maintaining indoor comfort at the most important building in the country. My brother has followed in dad’s footsteps and is now a renowned HVAC technician with a big firm.



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