My grandmother's heating equipment

I have been living with my grandmother since I was a baby.

My mother lives in another state, leaving me with my grandmother’s mother.

She couldn’t take care of me and work at the same time. As a child, I always wanted to go and live with my mother, but the circumstances did not allow it. She only visited whenever she was not at work, which was rare. But as I grew up, I understood that she only left me behind so that she could work and provide for my grandmother and me. She promised me that when it was time for me to be at the university, we would live together and enroll me in a school close to where she lived. My grandmother was old but tried her best to care for me. Our heating equipment was faulty, and it was not working. I called my mother to inform her of the problem, and she told me to find an HVAC technician to try and fix the problem. The tech could not fix it since it was too old. My mother had to buy a new heating device since my grandmother was too old and her body could not handle living in such a cold environment. My mother decided to check on some homeowner solutions, and it was best to buy a new dual-fuel system that uses both the electric furnace and heat pump service. This way, we would save on energy. When my mother visited, I accompanied her to a nearby heating business to consult an HVAC professional. After that, we bought new equipment from the HVAC supplier for quality heating. The supplier also told us that it would be good to have a regular furnace/heater tune-up. A heating contractor assisted us with installing the equipment, and soon enough, it worked perfectly for better indoor comfort.

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