Doing well on my first assignment as an a/c expert

The satisfaction of knowing that I made it work was certainly fulfilling

I was lucky enough to secure a task at a fantastic a/c supplier straight after graduation. The supplier was synonymous with providing quality services plus producing the best a/c experts from their apprentice program, but every one of us spent the first 3 months in the supplier reading more about a/c from the best cooling specialists in the field. The supplier culture was that one would start receiving offsite tasks after graduating from the apprentice program, and after assisting clients over the PC in replacing a/c filters for a few months, I successfully finished the apprentice program. My first offsite assignment, which happened Tuesday after graduating from the apprentice program, was an a/c tune-up. The task was at a commercial office building downtown. The management had contacted the a/c supplier requesting an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C maintenance team. They had thought the heat pump was acting up! What I initially thought would be simple maintenance turned out to be an intense a/c repair, i contemplated calling another a/c rep to help me at some point, but I pushed myself harder. The cooling component was respected to me. I had dealt with similar cooling products, but mostly in theory. It was time to put my money where my mouth was. I pulled together everything I knew about the cooling technology plus did an excellent task in the end. The a/c installation was running smoothly once more. The satisfaction of knowing that I made it work was certainly fulfilling. My first assignment was strange from what I thought it would be, but I aced it. It reminded me why I was so interested in the line of work.


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