I had some music on and had some fun

Tonight both of us take the minute train ride into the bigger neighborhood to do a set at a music open mic.

  • This is basically our first music open mic as I was doing comedy for multiple years but have since switched to music.

I’ve been drumming for a few years on plus off, but now I’m taking it a bit more seriously plus trying to make it a career. The two of us will practice at this open mic plus try out some of our seasoned music plus maybe a few modern ones too. I guess the local company which has the open mic is the same one I used to do comedy shows in, so at least the air conditioned locale is going to be the same; Maybe I’ll see some proper faces there from mornings of old, but I won’t suppose till both of us arrive as it has been years since going to that city. I was working at a heating corp there years ago but after that I moved to this smaller town where I live now to get away from all of the neighborhood noise plus pollution. I work here for a local company doing some heating plus cooling equipment repairs plus repair calls for their buyers. I adore the work as it allows myself and others to use our hands plus work around other people, plus it also makes myself and others guess fantastic when I repair an Heating & Air Conditioning plan concern for a customer. I guess I will keep working there while the music career grows plus just keep doing what I am doing for a while.

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