Feeling Pretty froggy

It is a bit gloomy out this week plus this genre of weather makes myself and others believe prefer slumbering during the day, and i will write this article plus then take a little chop for a while plus take a great little nap.

I didn’t sleep the best last evening because our weather conditions control system, namely the heating side of it, is not toiling plus I was a bit too chilly last evening for sleep. I prefer to sleep in a chilly room, but last evening was so chilly that our nose ached from being too chilly plus I know it kept myself and others awake most of the evening. I bet I will sleep good tonight though as I bought a small electric space heating system for our bedroom for tonight when I sleep. I will run it on low just to take a little bit of the chill out of the air. It has been well below chilly each evening plus our room gets a bit too chilly to sleep well. I don’t prefer to use the heating too much in the Winter time because it can cost a lot with the high price of energy these nights. Maybe a great seasoned fashioned fireplace would be a cheaper way of heating up our flat, but wood is certainly scarce in this part plus it could cost a lot of cash. I know a great solution is to wear more clothes in the flat plus try to keep the curtains open so the sunshine heats up the floors in the kitchen. I still prefer Winter time no matter what.



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