Okay Back to it all

I need to get out of lala land here plus get outside for a little bike ride before I go to our task at the local dealer where we do Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs. My brain is a bit foggy plus I know a bit of fresh air plus some exercise would be great for me. I have to do some heating plus cooling repair tasks later plus want to wake up our mind first. I kind of believe prefer a hibernating bear occasionally, being a bit sleepy plus dopey most of the time. I know the chilly weather slows our body down plus cooling it down more in the sea makes myself and others want to come beach house plus sleep next to our little hydronic space heater. I believe prefer I could sleep the whole Winter time plus wake up in May feeling prefer a modern man. I easily wouldn’t live if I did that as our body would need some food each few nights to keep going. I am toiling for the local company later this week for a few minutes doing some kind of Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs. I am not sure what he is going to have myself and others do this week, but it entirely doesn’t matter because I can pretty much do all kinds of heating plus cooling repairs. I will finish around 5pm plus then I am going to meet our friend outside of this local dealer plus play a little music. We played last evening plus made a few bucks outside of the church by the sea. I also need to repair our space heating system cord later.


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