Wake me up when it is cold

I’m resting in my flat huddled under a pile of blankets trying to stay warm.

I want to turn on the central furnace but I can see dollars flying out of the vents while it is running.

It is really cold in the flat right now but I am a bit leery about turning on the heat because it just costs so much money to do so. I suppose I will allow myself various 15 hour sessions of heat per day plus no more, because if I ran it love I did last year I would have a $1000 power bill for the various month period. I am better off lighting a fire in the living room plus heating up the condo that way. I was going to buy a small portable hydronic space furnace plus use it to heat up my office while I work, but I am not sure that the space furnace would be that much cheaper to run. I guess wearing more clothes is the secret for now until I get a flatmate in here to help absorb the heating costs. It’s not much better in the Summer with the AC plus I am going to have to get a roommate if I want to stay cool then. I’m going to dig around town plus see if any of the local companies are hiring HVAC techs or someone who knows how to install ductwork or whatever. There must be someone hiring area time gigs plus I guess I just need to get out there plus hit the pavement to find out.

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