Learning the cons of a heat pump

Until I moved south, I’d never heard of an electric heat pump.

When my partner plus I toured homes for sale, the majority of potential properties were equipped with heat pumps.

The real estate agent gave this information prefer it was a large selling point; Both of us had no method what she was talking about. I looked up heat pumps plus l acquired that they are a multiple-in-one unit. They are more costly to purchase plus install than conventional alternatives because they combine both heating plus cooling. Having a single unit handle year round temperature control frees up space plus reduces maintenance requirements, then plus, heat pumps are especially energy efficient plus environmentally friendly, then during the summer, the plan operates almost exactly prefer a traditional cooling system, using refrigerant to pull heat out of the beach house plus transport it outdoors. When the outside weather cools off, the plan reverses the flow of refrigerant. It takes luck of ambient heat available in the outdoor air plus delivers it indoors. Eliminating the combustion of fossil fuels avoids concerns with carbon monoxide, fumes plus orangehouse gasses. My partner plus I ended up purchasing a beach house outfitted with a heat pump. Both of us are seriously happy with how quiet, scrub plus effective the plan is. It keeps our energy bills sufficient. Because I want the heat pump to operate reliably plus last as long as possible, I am diligent about scheduling maintenance for the unit twice per year. I schedule a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to troubleshoot, scrub plus adjust the components in both the Spring plus the fall.