No one believed me when I said the chimney was ready for Santa.

I thought the Heating and A/C professional was going to split a gut when I told him I needed my chimney cleaned so it would be safe for Santa to come down it.

I had to laugh with him when he asked if I was serious.

I told him I promised my child that the chimney and fireplace would be cleaned and ready for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve. He said he understood and asked when I wanted him to come to the house. He didn’t entirely labor on chimneys and fireplaces, despite the fact that he had a friend who did. I was surprised that he provided to come over, even though I shouldn’t have been. I hadn’t recognized my brother’s voice. When he got to the house, he said he didn’t mean to laugh, however if it meant his nephew had a better Christmas, he would thrilledly help clean the chimney and the fireplace. It was a dirty job, however someone had to do it. Half an hour later, my mom and dad arrived. Dad was laughing and asked myself and others why I didn’t call him instead of bothering my brother at the Heating and A/C dealer. I told him I hadn’t thought about it, and Bobby was asking myself and others to call the Heating and A/C dealer, so I did. After I hung up, I realized I had been talking to my brother. Bobby asked if Uncle Bobby was going to come over and make the fireplace safe for Santa? He came running down the steps when he heard mom, dad, and Bob in the house. He said he knew most people would come and make the chimney safe. No one would want Santa Claus to get hurt because their fireplace wasn’t in superb shape.

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