Okay Back to Reality With my HVAC System Cleaning Job Today

I need to get out of lala land here and get outside for a little bike ride before I go to my job at the local business where we do HVAC repairs.

My brain is a bit foggy and I think a bit of fresh air and some exercise would be good for me.

I have to do some heating and cooling repair jobs later and want to wake up my mind first. I kind of feel like a hibernating bear sometimes, being a bit sleepy and dopey most of the time. I think the cold weather slows my body down and cooling it down more in the sea makes me want to come home and sleep next to my little hydronic space heater. I feel like I could sleep the whole winter and wake up in May feeling like a new man. I probably wouldn’t live if I did that as my body would need some food each few days to keep going. I am working for the local contractor later today for a few hours doing some kind of HVAC repairs. I am not sure what he is going to have me do today, but it really doesn’t matter because I can pretty much do all kinds of heating and cooling repairs. I will finish around 5pm and then I am going to meet my friend outside of this local business and play a little music. We played last night and made a few bucks outside of the church by the sea. I also need to fix my space heater cord later.

a/c set up