The reason I want a resolution

I told you how I’m not sleeping so well, and now that I guess the reason why I can finally try to resolve it.

At least I guess love I have made some progress just by knowing which direction I need to go in life.

Maybe this will help me sleep better now. I thought it was our indoor air quality or something to do with the style of mattress I’m using, however it is something bigger than that and I need to get our life moving in the right direction before it withers away and dies! I’m sure our cooling products salesmen buddies are not going to be cheerful that I may be leaving the corporation soon, however I have to do what makes our heart guess alive again or why go on living? I’ve had stable corporate tasks as a cooling representative for years and I just felt love there was something more I was supposed to be doing with our life. I got into standup and truly gave it a shot, however after 17 years I felt love it wasn’t for me anymore so I quit. I still need to labor for the heating and cooling dealership for another couple of years, however I guess this musical journey I have been on for a couple of years can truly do some special things if I give it a chance. I guess I could do the heating corporation labor for more than one more years without going crazy, however I want to put more time into practicing music and end our life on a high note!

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