Today is Cold and the Beaches are Pretty Barren of all the Tourists

We are in the slow time of the year in my town and a lot of the beaches are very empty now.

We used to have packed beaches a few months ago, but all of those people went back to their worlds for the winter once again.

I wish we had more volleyball during the winter but it seems that nobody wants to be out when it is this cold. Today I will do some HVAC equipment writing work for a few hours and then go out and see if I can drum up a game or two. I don’t know what everyone does when they don’t play volleyball during the day. We went from air conditioning to heating in a matter of a couple of weeks here. We used to be on the beach in the summer playing ball up until about 10:30pm, but now it is dark and cold by 5:30pm and it has been tough to adjust to it. I am trying to run my radiant space heater instead of my central heating device to save a little money. I have to really watch the energy usage as I am going home for the holidays and will need some spending money. I guess I could work for this new contractor some while home to earn a bit of cash, but I don’t know if his local business is even open during the holidays. I guess it will all be okay but I just feel kind of stressed out with the bills and all. Breathe in and breathe out, and relax.

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