Booking our Flight Back Home This month and I’m Excited About It

This month I am going to book our flight back to the lake house for a more than two month visit over the Christmas holidays.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to go back to the lake house but now with this roommate moving in soon I will have the money to do so.

She is an orthodontic student in a neighborhood about 40 minutes away, so she would be gone most of the morning and evening during the week. I really hope she moves in because she seems to have a similar mindset to me and also has experience working in the heating and air conditioning field from years ago. We would be able to talk about A/C compressors and hot water boilers and have some things in common. I would be ecstatic to have half of the living expenses shared by someone else, as I have been living alone in this flat and bearing the brunt of the bills for almost a year now. I wouldn’t have to spend all of the money I receive from the heating and air conditioning supplier where I work to spend on rent and utilities anymore, and that is just stupendous. I could start saving some money again and building a buffer in the bank once more. My heating and cooling unit could be inspected properly again by paying for a multi year service contract from the local supplier in our town. Money makes a lot of things possible, but it is not the key to happiness, so don’t give it too much credence in your life story. I wish you luck and remember to clean your washable HEPA filters.

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