Important to clean ductwork

It’s easy to forget all about the HVAC duct! The network of pipes is essential to the operation of both the furnace and cooling system however largely concealed inside the walls and ceilings. The duct method is responsible for pulling the stale air out of the rooms and supplying the heated and cooled air. If there are holes in the HVAC duct or cracks at the seams, the conditioned air is allowed to escape, and when the maximum amount of air fails to arrive at the several rooms of the house, the furnace or cooling system are forced to run longer and work harder. There is greater wear and tear on components! More energy is used, leading to higher energy bills. The same imperfections that allow the heated or cooled air to leak out can also draw in contaminants. Neglected HVAC duct frequently harbors harmful toxins such as dust, construction debris, bugs, webs, pollen, mold and even decomposing rodents, then every time the furnace or cooling system starts up, these pollutants can become airborne and introduced into the breathing air, but health complaints such as congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and headaches can often be blamed on dirty HVAC duct. The first time I had our HVAC duct inspected by a professional HVAC supplier, they were allowing nearly thirty percent of the heated/cooled air to escape. I now make sure to have the duct method diagnosed every year. I’ve realized that the ducts directly impact the health, comfort and efficiency of the living space. They significantly affect our budget and the reliability and longevity of the furnace and cooling system.
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