The Heating in my Flat is Working Great Again but It’s Too Pricey to Use!

Shame on the world’s situation for not allowing people to use their heating and A/C in their homes to stay comfortable because of problems that we as a society have created.

  • This is why the price of power is so much now and we only have ourselves to blame.

But we got into this mess and we can also get ourselves out of it by righting the wrongs. I don’t think it is too late to fix what we damaged but we need to do something so people can live a normal life and not worry about making ends meet. The HVAC company I work for is the only saving grace here as they pay me well and give me lots of hours. I can run my heating and air conditioning when I want but a lot of my friends can’t run theirs because they don’t earn enough money at their full time jobs to do so. I am going to try and help some of my friends who don’t have a home by letting them stay here some nights to keep warm. It is really cold out now and my one friend, who is a local contractor but lost his license, really needs a place to sleep when the temp goes below zero with no heating at all. He did have a space heater but ran out of money for the gas and now has been sleeping in the sub zero temps in his small tent. I’m sure the tent is not much warmer inside than it is outside as there is basically no insulation.

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