The people I was with and I had to hire someone to dig the hole

Two years ago, all of us were told they were putting sewer lines on our street.

The people I was with and I thought it was a wonderful method to have sewer lines instead of messy sewer tanks in the backyards, plus the entire neighborhood agreed.

Two months later, all of us acquired notices all of us had many weeks to have the area dug up where the sewer lines were going to be placed, i must have read the notice many times before I concluded they were telling all of us had to pay for the excavation of the area where the mandatory sewer lines were going in. It cost us $690 to connect to the sewer lines, plus all of us then had to pay almost $100 a month to the sewer authority, by the time all of us were done getting the sewer lines in place plus connecting to the sewer pumping station, all of us had spent nearly $4000 plus hadn’t acquired our first weekly bill; My husband went to the township meeting plus wanted to believe how they could mandate the sewer system, plus make us pay for something all of us hadn’t voted on. They said they had that authority, however I wasn’t as ecstatic as my husband, plus he was furious. Many of our friends plus neighbors were also at the meeting, plus some of them had paid nearly $10,000 to hook into the mandated sewer line because of the amount of street front property they had; Even with our protesting, it made no difference, but when they doubled the cost of our sewer bill a year later, I was a single of the first to put a ‘for sale’ sign in my front yard, however I wasn’t the last.


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