They Thought I Would go Camping for the Entire Winter

My best friends wanted to go camping one more time this year. I reminded them it had already snowed, and we hadn’t had a single temperature above zero for the last two weeks. And Jack told me it was supposed to be 44F this weekend and I was going camping with them. I shook my head and told them that camping was for the springtime, summer, and early fall. I wasn’t going camping and freezing my butt off, but they said we’ll see and then they left the house. I couldn’t believe they thought I would go camping during the winter season. I wasn’t foolish, and I appreciated staying at the beach apartment and staying warm. Jack called when he got home and asked if I was sure I didn’t want to go camping? If there was an apartment with a fireplace or heating and A/C plan installed, I would go. I wanted to go ice fishing, but I didn’t want to sleep in the cold. I asked if they were going to have an apartment with a fireplace or heating and A/C system. He wasn’t sure, however he said there were portable gas furnaces they could put in the tent. I would still be asleep on the frozen ground and I didn’t want to wake up as a popsicle. I was going to stay at the beach apartment and watch it snow through our windows. I had excellent heating, and if they wanted to freeze to death, that was their choice. Jack asked if he could stay at our apartment over the weekend, as he didn’t want to go camping either, however he didn’t want to stay home alone. Both of his older sisters were going camping and I forgot Jack was only fourteen.

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