Two Gas Heaters Later we Found one She Liked

My mother-in-law was a strenuous cookie, she tells everyone she wants nothing done for her. She says she’ll eat anything, although she taste tests it before eating. Last week, she complained about how frigid it was in her family room, and my spouse was bending over backwards to keep her comfortable. On her way to the beach apartment from work, she stopped by the beach apartment center and bought a space heater. The little furnace had every comfort and safety feature you could get for a space heater. She used it one night and told him to get it out of her family room. It made too much noise, didn’t heat well enough, and she thought it was ugly. She took that furnace back to the store after work and looked for another one. This one had all the safety and comfort features, however it was almost $60 more. She hooked up the small furnace that night and it had her room sizzling hot within fifteen minutes. When we got up the next morning the space furnace was sitting out in the hallway. She told my spouse that if that is the best they had at that store, she would rather freeze to death. I wanted to tell her she was an ungrateful witch, however my spouse grabbed my hand. She packed up the space furnace and took it back to the store. She found an oil-filled space furnace that looked like an old iron radiator. I thought it was ugly, although she enjoyed it. My spouse set the space furnace in her room and set the thermostat up. She slept all night and told my spouse she liked it, however she didn’t need to buy it.


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