My friends invited themselves to stay with myself and others over Christmas.

I enjoyed my friends, but there are times when I want to be lake cabin plus not run around, and christmas is a single of those times, plus last year, they invited themselves to stay with myself and others over Christmas.

I resented their thinking it was okay to invade my lake cabin when I was with my parents for the holidays. They thought it was so cool to be there, plus be in a family situation, which I couldn’t understand. I thought all families shared the holidays together. The only time I remember not having the entire family together for the holidays was when my brother was in Iraq. There were times when my dad would be out laboring on someone’s HVAC plan so they had a oil furnace for Christmas. There was a single time when he helped my uncle put in a fireplace so he had a chimney for Santa to come down, but that was all family. When my brother came home, it was a perfect Christmas. My friends plus I were talking about our most memorable Christmases when mom walked in. She reminded myself and others of when dad had to go out to work on a fireplace. The dad got stuck in the chimney, plus he had to help get him out. My a single acquaintance started to cry plus said we had such amazing stories. She hadn’t seen her mom or dad in over 10 years. They all had similar stories, plus I abruptly felt bad for not wanting them around. Although my dad being an HVAC worker took him away often, we still always had a family Christmas in spite of his job.


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