Beekeepers have a happy and collected demeanor

There are tons of videos on the internet that I prefer seeing… It’s kind of embarrassing however my guilty satisfaction is seeing the pimple popping videos.

I can’t explain why because as gross as they are, I find some kind of delight in seeing them.

I also prefer seeing videos of people eating, for some different reason, I find it satisfying as well, perhaps it’s because I don’t eat a lot of the food that are usually featured on these videos and seeing others eat that food brings myself and others some level of joy. I have no other explanation or reasoning why I indulge in these videos… Another category of videos that I prefer are bee rescue videos. I find it fascinating how comfortable beekeepers are around the bees, the beekeeper in these videos does not wear any protective gear. And when he is rescuing the bees, he sometimes uses his bare hands to scoop them up to locale them inside their new hive. Personally, when I see 1 bee flying around in my personal space, I usually freak out about it, so I can’t imagine being in the midst of hundreds or perhaps thoUSAnds of bees with no protective gear… Beekeepers are brave and the man from those videos have acquired my respect. I wouldn’t be as calm if I had to handle that various bees on a yearly basis. Becoming a beekeeper requires the man to have a actually calm demeanor because I suppose anything else would cause the bee removal process to be chaotic. I suppose that I can’t become a beekeeper so I will just continue to watch the incredible videos of them in action.

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