Don’t they teach the basics in Heating & A/C school?

When I went to the local Heating & A/C technical school, I thought they taught me all the basics about HVAC. It’s funny how missing a single small class can make such a tremendous difference. It is taken for granted that the Heating & A/C students knew how to change the air filters in the Heating & A/C system. The teachers also assume that the two of us can suppose where the air filter goes. I knew none of this. Nobody ever showed me how to change the air filter, let alone where it was located. I went to a task fair at the small private school as well as enjoyed talking to the Heating & A/C worker who was there from a local Heating & A/C company. I wanted to find a task that would be sustainable long into the future. My old man always preached task security, as well as I would have that with the Heating & A/C company. Once I got placed in the Heating & A/C technical school as well as started classes, I was realizing how much I had left to learn, as well as wondering if I was on my own. I talked to some of the other students as well as found out I wasn’t all alone in my ignorance. That didn’t mean that any of us were going to quit the Heating & A/C program, but it made us want to work harder. Every one of us worked together as well as started a learning group, by the end of the Heating & A/C courses, the two of us were vying for the top spot in the class designation. After taking the Heating & A/C certification class then passing the exam, I wasn’t number a single, even though I was ranked number three, as well as my two best friends got number a single, but the two of us all got a job with a single 1 of the local Heating & A/C companies.



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